e2e_appmon improvement

Idea created by vitorsantos7 on Nov 13, 2018
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    I've been using e2e_appmon for a while in order to monitor a couple of key applications within our/client environment.
    We've noticed that if the probe is in a "active" state an RDP session is always established to the server (where the probe is running) whether the script is running or not. Which, doesn't make any sense for me.

    I've previously raised a case and was informed that currently e2e probe is set to behave like this.

    Is it possible to implement a function on the probe where it only establishes the RDP session when the script is supposed to run?

    Example: I've  a script set to run every 20 minutes (and it tooks 2 minutes to run). Instead of having an RDP session always established to the server, I would like to have it only established during the 2 minutes run (and then disconnecting until its next run).


    Please provide any thoughts/feedback,

    Vitor Santos