IOSTAT monitoring in CA UIM

Idea created by Rajashekar Allala on Nov 28, 2018
    • Rajashekar Allala

    As of now, Using MCS Templates or using Admin Console, to enable IOSTAT on all Disks on all servers, we have to navigate to each device and configure the iostat metrics. If the multiple devices are having the same disk name and same number of disks, it is easy to group them and take one server as model to create the required monitoring and apply it at group level.


    However, in a large Enterprise, the existing options will not be helpful anymore in case of multiple servers (more than 500) are having the different count of disks and with different names. We have to put lot of manual efforts to configure the required monitoring.


    I am looking for an enhancement to add a MCS template or an option to enable default monitoring for IOSTAT similar to Default Disk(s) (Enhanced) template. This will help us to monitor basic iostat metrics without spending lot of manual hours.


    Thank you.