Let "do nothing" really "do nothing"

Idea created by John.Dueckman Champion on Nov 30, 2018

    As an administrator, I want to define a "do nothing" process(or) for GENERATE in (for example) production that really "does nothing" so that I do not accidentally create or delete load members or other output components or relational information. 


    For many years, I have been preaching "do not allow generates in production" only to realize Endevor doesn't do what I thought it would/should do! I have always advocated putting *NOPROC* as the GENERATE processor in the production stage. I've recently discovered a major "flaw" in that design that I'd like CA/Broadcom to address. 


    This is best illustrated with an example...


    Let's say I have changed a COBOL program and created the requisite LOAD. ACM captured the information and all is good. Now I MOVE the COBOL program through the life-cycle using MOVE processes, moving along the LOAD and ACM information. I successfully promote my program to my PROD stage using MOVE processes (not GENERATE). In my PROD stage, the GENERATE processor is defined as *NOPROC* to ensure I do not try to recompile and recreate things "in production".


    But someone DOES make a package that contains GENERATE in PROD. That should be OK since *NOPROC* won't do anything.... or does it? In fact, the generate that takes place in PROD will cause ACM to drop the information it so carefully tracked through the life-cycle! Yikes! 


    So what I need is a processor that really "does nothing"; an Endevor IEFBR14 if you will. Maybe call it something like *NILPROC..... if you define that as the processor, Endevor might *blink* but that's all. Best would be a default message that says something like "GENERATE is not enabled at this stage" or something like that but without the spin of the Endevor wheels.