Make exportable RA objects (templates, deployments, etc.)

Idea created by Yggdrassil on Dec 5, 2018

    RA currently stores in its internal DB all the components that are developed (deployment plans, templates, etc.)

    In a scenario where there may be more than one RA environment, one development and another productive for example, the development teams develop new templates, deployment plans, etc. in the development environment and validate its funcionality.


    Once the component has been validated, it is necessary to reach production, this forces the development teams to rebuild these components in the new environment.


    An interesting idea is to make all the objects of exportable RA, for example in Json objects, so that they can be stored in an SCM or an artifact repository for, later, and with an IC process, to get them to a higher environment, for example , Production.


    Obviously, this export / import capability should be offered through the Rest API of the product.