Prevent clear alarm upon cdm probe activation

Idea created by Yu_Ishitani Employee on Dec 11, 2018


    Need a new control key that prevents clear alarm on all metrics (at cdm probe global level) upon cdm probe activation.



    Every time cdm probe activation (deactivate and activate) it sends clear alarm on all cdm metrics.

    If threshold for a metric already keeps breaching and service desk ticket is already opened, probe activation will close the ticket, and a new ticket opened following threshold breaching alarm appearance.


    Current behavior and additional Information

    In cdm 6.30 there is a key "skip_disk_clear_on_restart" that helps avoiding sending disk clear alarm upon probe restart only (restart means hot-restart triggered by "[Apply]" in probe GUI)

    CDM probe disk alerts are getting closed in UIM au - CA Knowledge 


    So the current available key only helps disk metric with hot-restart senario only.


    We need the same control on the other metrics.

    We need the same control upon probe not only for hot-restart but also cold-restart.