CAUIM Idea's

Idea created by Miller2012 on Dec 18, 2018
    • Miller2012

    I am administrator of CAUIM in a MSP and I see some points that maybe can help that cauim for msp be better.


    1- That a user of type account can pertain to different accounts.

    For example: 

                         Account: customerA, customerB, customerC, customerD


    The user accountadminNorth ----> he is administrator of customerA and customerD

    Ther user accountadminSur -----> he is administrator of customerB and customerC


    I currently have to create an user accountadmin for each customer, and I have customers that has 2 or more tenant (hub secondary) because they are mini-msp.


    2- That a user of type nimbus have access to discovery wizard from USM for make discovery only of yours devices. Currently a user nimbus have access to all discovery (discovery_agent) and inventory, to a msp enviroment this not viable.


    3- That an user of type account can create/-modify dashboard. Currently a user only can see a dashboard but not modify. We can create an user type nimbus to that he can create a dashboard but this user can see all inventory and has access to all data base.