Idea created by Francois.Calvert on Dec 21, 2018
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    We need a function that would work on all types of database (IBM AIX and ZOS, Oracle, SQL SERVER) that would work on NUMBERS or CHARACTERS that would combine FORMATENCRYPT and FORMATMASK functionality. We need a function that would consistently mask the given column values by preserving the original format and keeping the unique values and specifies the mask key for each field that we mask. We should keep the possibility to mask or ignore first and last value. The mask key would be inserted in a field what would look like a password.


    FDM 4.7.323.0

    We need this because one of our customers did a reverse engineering on some field and he could determine some of the result. If we mask with a different key some fields that it becomes impossible to do some reverse engineering. You can also change the key in DEV vs PROD to different results.


    Masking : GENDREAU

    FORMATENCRYPT the result is always : BMTHEIRY

    NEW FUNCTION KEY (546) the result is always : RLRMHMRM

    NEW FUNCTION KEY (972) the result is always : LXIFCYIF