Product Enhancement Request - Enhance the GUI Editor to be able to handle coding that has legitimate resource names using variables without generating errors.

Idea created by EdCunningham4201362 on Jan 3, 2019
    • EdCunningham4201362
    • powdo03

    We currently have an issue where when downloading an APPL using the GUI Editor that contains a resource name as a variable we receive a dialog box with the following error - 'Error reading data' followed by the specifics of what was identified as errors. After clicking 'OK' in the dialog box the APPL does successfully download in all cases. Even though it is an informational message it certainly can be confusing and misleading. And of course, we shouldn't be receiving error messages for data that is not in error. 


    Please see CA Support Case  01248582 -ESPWKS 11.3 build 106:  Workload Editor - download an app get "Error read 


    This is the latest response from CA Support as of January 3rd, 2019:


    Hi Ed, 

    Some notes on this case where ESP Workstation does not display variables in the agent field and the resource field. 


    1) We have seen some issues with build 109 unrelated to the above question. I would not recommend going to build 109 until they get the bugs ironed out. 


    2) I tried out using variables in build 109. It does handle the agent name as a variable. It does not handle the resource name as a variable. It only solves 50% of the issue. 

    I think it would be best to make an enhancement request for the resource name as a variable. Then it may get included in the next release.