Allow "selection indicator" of a listbox to be 'varying length'

Idea created by julio.ezequiel.decastro on Jan 11, 2019
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    A listbox selection indicator must be text(1). We would like that it could also be defined as text(1)+varying length.


    The reason is that using a varying length char(1) as 'selection indicator' will cause an un expected error.


    As from our tests:

     1) If just a single row is returned, there will be no errors

     2) At any other case, an error will come up.

     3) If you trace, you will see that during the execution flow, no error happens (even when processing statements that would use selection indicator such GET ROW, HIGHLIGHT, etc). It seems that all GEN statements work.

     4) However, once the execution flow ends and the action is returned to the browser, the error comes up


    This behaviour makes very hard to understand where this error comes from.


    So, we would like the runtime to support selection indicators that are also text(1) varying length. So that It will avoid this problem.


    Bear in mind that accidentally clicking the 'varying length' check box of an attribute is not that difficult. So even even if you don't really need a text(1) varyng length, a runtime that supports those selection indicators would be more robust and would avoid this really unwanted problem.


    Thank you,

    Best regards.