AWS probe needs to alert/match on list of values

Idea created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Jan 15, 2019

    I hit an issue with the aws probe where the template cannot match on a list of different values. For example the RDS section there is a metric called DB Instance Status and the current way the template is designed it can only match on 2 metrics or a definitive range of values. 

    The list includes a list of important statuses that need to be alerted on but we cannot alert on this b/c the limitation.

    We need to alert on status returns of  5 - 11, 17 & 21.

    There is no way to alert on this with the current design of the aws probe template:


    The template needs to allow RegEx expressions so we can match on a list of different values.. As it is today we can't alert on this set unless we just use the >= 5 and then use nas AO rules to ignore 12-16,18,19,20,22,23