The description of what entering command WD will do is incorrect. Please correct it.

Idea created by EdCunningham4201362 on Jan 23, 2019

    Please see below the description provided for the WD command -

     ESP CSF COMMANDS                                            
     Search (Type in the keywords to find) : WITHDRAW            
     All keywords : N  (Y/N, N for any keywords)                 
     TYPE      COMMAND  DESCRIPTION                              
     --------- -------  ------------------------------------------
     Appl      WDA      Withdraw (complete) the entire application
     Subappl   WDS      Withdraw (complete) subappl              
     Job       WD       Withdraw (complete) job and its successors


    The WD description is incorrect and should be changed to avoid misconceptions and potential delays in appl processing.


    The WD command only withdraws the job but does not withdraw or complete it's successors.