SSM - SSMGAV2 - Increase PREREQ & MISSING_PREREQ Field Lengths 

Idea created by tarma05 Employee on Jan 29, 2019
    Currently Planned

    Could be very valuable the possibility to have PREREQ/MISSING_PREREQ fields lenght increased from the current limit of 1000 Character to a bigger value. 

    In the current implementation of SSMGA V2 the way to provide the name of the prerequisite has the following sysntax :


    PRD1.OPSS.STCTBL.RESNAME (4 character System Name. OPS Subsystem Name . STCTBL Name . Resource name ) total is 25 Character .  A maximum of 40 resource can be specified in the PREREQ and consequentially in the MISSING_PREREQ (that is dinamically managed/updated from OPS) .


    In some customer situation the number of prerequisite is more then 40 and this limit can create implementation problems. 


    Somewhere, and very often the customers use always the same subsystem name in CA OPS (OPSS) could be also an idea have the possibility to specify the prerequisite in a way like :


    PRD1.*.STCTBL.RESNAME (willdcard instead of the OPS Subsystem name), this could give more flexibility and could give also possibility to reduce number of character .