add a responsive design to the catalog 17.1 frontend

Idea created by christian.harbich on Feb 1, 2019

    Hi Guys,


    when you open up the catalog frontend and navigate to a folder with multiple services underneath which don't fit on one page you can see sliders on left and right side of the service table. Point 1 is that the right slider isn't really attached to the service table so on bigger screens you will see a big white gap between the services and the slider. 

    But Point 2 is even worse, when you decrease the size of the browser window the slider hovers over the services so that you easily mistakenly click on the service underneath instead of switching to the next page.


    A far better solution here would be a responsive design where the sliders are always on the sides of the service table and the table columns just decrease to a minimum of 1 or 2 service columns. And when you decrease it more than you have a max minumum page width and a slider appears on the bottom of the side.


    I'd like to hear that you'll look forward to add the responsive design as it is an uptodate technology...