In ESP add date and time to log for Manually triggered events

Idea created by RogerWeb on Feb 6, 2019
    • jonathan_calloway
    • RogerWeb

    In ESP when EVENTs are manually triggered with a "TRIGGER TIME" on the panel, the TRIGGER TIME time for which the event was triggered, should be added to the triggered message in the log. Currently the log shows only the message below.  
    ESP6150I EVENTMG: POWDO03.TEMPLATE triggered by POWDO03 with ADD     (note:This was triggered for 2 months in the future.)  

    It would be more helpful in finding out 'who done it' to have the message look like this:

    ESP6150I EVENTMG: POWDO03.TEMPLATE triggered for 19:30:00 04/06/2019 by POWDO03 with ADD  

    Even if the event is set to (or defaults to) NOW it would help to know that in the log.


    It would also help if the reply to the user when triggering a future event included more than EVENT TRIGGERED and if you press PF1 all you get is ESP2502I EVENT TRIGGERED

    Instead of that it would be helpful (confirming) if it said ESP2502I EVENT TRIGGERED FOR  19:30:00 04/09/2019

    Even if the event is set to (or defaults to) NOW it would help to confirm that in the response.

    That would help both the trigger-ee and the technical staff for manually triggered events.