Component List Reporting

Idea created by Phon_Shuffitt on Feb 5, 2019
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    I have a need to be able to easily report the component information for the processor/group that was used in the Generate process after the element has moved to highest stage of the lifecycle.


    Currently I capture that information in the Listing library when the element is moved from the last stage that a compile took place,  so in this case I had to look in each element listing to find that information.  I looked in all the manuals, and even tried the search utility but could not get what I needed out of that.  Would have been nice if I could have gotten it from the ACMQ, but could not get it from there either.


    I even opened a case with CA Support for this, and the support analyst searched and could not find anywhere this could be pulled from.  I guess that is why I choose to put it in a processor step to capture the last compile information because when the source is not up the lifecycle it will consolidate it and create a new one with the last compile information.  


    So my ideation, is that since the "Element Information" located in the Component list, then I would like to be able to have that field on the CSV - List Element in a column, it already shows the last PROC GROUP but I would like to see that information to know the processor/group used to generate an element.


    it would be nice to be able to also use ACMQ for where used this processor/group.


    thank you,