AOF - CMD & WTO Rule CART Support for Extended MCS Consoles

Idea created by Dave_Gorisek on Feb 5, 2019
    • Dave_Gorisek
    • MarcelvanEk
    • Kyle_S

    Two separate enhancement requests, but one does not work without the other.


    Problem : Using various pseudo command rules to trigger various automated processes/actions, and info responses generated by the rule and sent back to the issuing console via CNNAME() are not 'seen' if the end-user triggers the command from an extended MCS console that uses cart logic to receive its command responses.


    Enhancement to CMD rules - create a cmd.cartx (or whatever) environmental variable to store the command cart from the issuing command


    Enhancement to Address WTO - new CART keyword (or whatever) to direct message/messages back to command cart that issued command..(Looks like IBM WTO macro supports CART keyword??)


    )CMD SHUTCICS                                                           
    cmd_cart = cmd.cartx                                                    
    consname = cmd.consname                                                 
    msgtext  = 'Process to begin CICS shutdown in progress...'              
    address WTO                                                             
    "Msgid(OPSNOTIFY) Text('"msgtext"') Cnname("consname") CART("cmd_cart")"
    return 'ACCEPT'