OPSVIEW - 4.8 Panel - Local System Variable Support

Idea created by Dave_Gorisek on Feb 5, 2019
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    Adding specific idea for supporting GLVJOBIDs in OPSVIEW 4.8 as commented within other previously submitted idea to add support for Sysplex variables....


    Debugging/monitoring rules (specifically when responding to GLVTEMP warn errors) that utilize GLVJOBID variables is for the most part a 'black hole'. Entering OPSVIEW 4.8 , and entering 'GLVJOBID' to get a list of all asids and the GLVJOBID.*** variables that they created with actions to view/delete would be very helpful.


    If not from 4.8, a new OPSVALUE() action (specific asid (all all asids), variable name (or all variables) that would allow us to create user pgms to perform this request.