Custom actions in a deployment failure

Idea created by elorente on Feb 7, 2019

    It would be very useful in Release Automation if steps could be defined to be launched automatically when deployments go wrong. For example, if some step of some phase (initialization, deployment or post deployment) is in a failt status (Init-failed, Canceled, Failed-pause, stop, etc, which do not finish correctly), we could have the possibility of executing another step automatically, such as notification via email (not all recipients are RA users) or through other tools such as Teams, Slack, …


    We are using Release Automation together with Continuous Delivery Director, so if we schedule a deployment, we want to be notified if something is wrong.


    CDD notifications are good but not powerful enough to advise people who are not inside CDD as a user.

    Another solution could be that this will be implemented in Continuous Delivery Director. For example, to put an automatic action in each step, or in each phase,  in case some step fails.