Extension of the maximum path length

Idea created by JuergenSchenker82444843 on Apr 17, 2019
    • JuergenSchenker82444843

    We get an error message in different actions because the paths and filenames are too long e.g.

    U00020915 Runtime error in object 'PCK.AUTOMIC_FILESYSTEM.PRV.JOB.MOVE@UNIX' after generating the task (Step: Replacing variables in attributes for 'Rollback'). See prior message for more information.

    "The maximum allowed record length was exceeded"


    We use very long filepaths and filenames resulting from our nomenglature. Therefore, it would be desirable if the processing of long strings over 256 characters be modified so that we no longer run into the error presented above.


    If there is an alternatie approach, we will be happy to test it out.