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PIM: R12.8 SP1 OS: All platforms   Hello All   We'd like to use the restriction option of FILE class to allow specific permissions(Read, Write and Chdir) during weekdays for customer's request as bellows. Data for FILE '/tmp/test' ----------------------------------------------------------- Defaccess : R, X, Chdir Warning : No Audit

Hi, I have CA SDM installed in AA mode.SDM version 14.1. I installed 14.1.03 patch in all server successfully. I also enabled Heat Weather Daemon in  BG Server but I was not able to enable it in Standby server because of some reason. I want to enable it in Standby server as well but the service in standby is not getting up  as version
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Hi All, I am trying to write some data (around 13-14 columns) related to actuals on a csv file via gel scripting in a process It is writing all data except writing three fields which is for Timesheet Start Date, End Date and Actual Hours. These three columns are coming blank. Even when i moved their sequence from end to between nothing happens
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Hi there!   We have recently aquired CA PAM 2.8.2 and I would like to know if it needs a special configuration to display the target user info in the Session Recording for Unix accounts. We hadn't make any additional configuration to display that info in the Windows targets, but actually we can't see the Target user account when watching