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I have done API Portal installation in POC a while ago but need some clarification. Appreciate if someone can shed light,   Does API Portal 3.5 need a MySQL database to be on the same server or MySQL can exist on a different host? Also, what is the difference between LRS Database and LRS Data Database.   Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone,   do you know any way to xog write a carry return in a text field? I've been looking through the communities and I couldn't find anything related   Regards!
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I was running into an issue in the last 2 scenarios.  •Failure Count Timeout •Auto Reset Failure Count  When the user is locked due to failure timeout, they get successfully added to the "cn=Disabled-FailureCount" but the check box in APSHelpdeskAdmin "Disabled due to Failure Count" is not marked for the locked user.