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  • Hi Tomasz, Could you access the "Ideas"  page and post your suggestion?  The link is: https://community.broadcom.com/ideation/allideas Thank you, Mario

  • Our operators work 24/7 and often use Spool web interface. To investigate specific printer issues, they need to jump to TSO and look at ESFLOG. It would be nice to have the possibility to display the Spool log from a web interface and ISPF panels with ...

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  • Posted in: Spool

    Hello! I'm pleased to announce a new feature has been published for Spool r14. It's called DFR - Display Function Registry. It's a new command that displays the Spool features that are registered by Spool with the IBM Function Registry for z/OS.  The ...

  • Posted in: Spool

    Hello Spool Community, Spool Java transformers now provide 64-bit support for Java versions 8 and 11. This enhancement allows transformation of larger and more complex AFP reports, and supports more parallel transformations. For more information, see ...