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  • At a quick glance we think this is a good idea. We will review and refine this request at our next review meeting.

  • Thanks David, I was going to do a LISTDS of the HELP file to find a matching member, but just wanted to be sure there wasn't an "easier" way ;) ------------------------------ Automated Operations Atos Netherlands ------------------------------

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  • Posted in: OPS/MVS

    October 2023 To: OPS/MVS® and Automation Point Customers From: Broadcom's OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation Product Team Subject: General Availability Announcement for Automation Point 11.7 SP2 (SP02) ...

  • Posted in: OPS/MVS

    We're happy to announce the addition of two more instructor-led OPS/MVS courses to the three we released earlier this year: OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation: Administrators and SYSPROGS 300 is a two-day course that will teach students ...