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  • It looks like I forgot to attach the presentation, so here it is! ------------------------------ Lenn Thompson Community Manager, Mainframe Division Broadcom Inc. ------------------------------

  • Today at 11 a.m. ET, we'll be hosting a webcast introducing the community to CA 1 Flexible Storage, which can help you turbocharge your data storage and archiving strategy to include everything: S3 cloud support to commodity virtual tape Flexibility ...

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  • Attached General Availability letter for CA 1™ Flexible Storage™ Version r15.0.00 ------------------------------ Perry L Jones Product Manager CA 1 Flexible Storage email: ------------------------------

  • CA 1™ Flexible Storage™ is a modern mainframe storage solution that securely stores your data on any device you choose, including the Cloud. Current CA 1 customers are entitled to CA 1 Flexible Storage. 25% faster backups with Z hardware compression ...

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