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  • That's what I thought you were looking for. You can use SQL to get this information from the CA 7 database.  See kd article: 74933 Below is the contents of the knowledge document.  Issue/Introduction: How can I get a list of users that have a profile ...

  • When I set someone up to a PBS job I use /PROFS,ID=ABCD,R=CA70028. I am wanting to know if there is a way to display everyone in the 0028 group for instance

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  • I have job A set to be data set triggered, then I need job B to be triggered by job A the next workday (if Saturday then needs to trigger Monday. If Tuesday then needs to trigger Wednesday) and then job C to trigger the day after job B. There is no set ...

  • Join us at the upcoming 4-day Workload Automation CA7 200 Training on June 6! Last available spots!<o:p></o:p> Training: Workload Automation CA7 200<o:p></o:p> Course Description:  Link <o:p></o:p> Delivery method : Virtual Instructor-Led ...