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  • Still no progress on my ticket, Broadcom support have no idea why their migrations does not work, case owner will keep me informed - eh yeah only if i keep pushing, will continue to update on the no progress that broadcom is making.

  • I have a open ticket with them for the past 6 weeks, and been bounced around from one internal department to another - they like to close tickets and open new one this make there response time seem reasonable by the way. Have not been able to login to ...

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  • Hi Broadcom. Can you please stop using the PM system as a marketing tool? When I went into the PM recently I noticed I have unread PM in the three digits now, and most of it is webinar invites. And that makes it hard to find the actual content, especially ...

  • ​Community Subject Searches - searching for subject (libraries, or discussions), there appears no clear and easy to search. Printing Tickets - when a ticket is present, does not appear an easy to print the ticket.

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