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  • Hi Steve,  Regarding question 1 … we had a similar-sounding partitioned table, continuously populated, and partitioned by the month. So we rotated through the full set of partitions annually. The partitions got quite large, as many as 1 billion rows ...

  • We have a massive 7 year retention table that is partitioned on the last digit of the year, hence 2 of the 10 partitions always have 0 rows, one is increasing and one is decreasing.  It is always accessed by the original table name, just as it was before ...

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  • Posted in: Datacom

    Are you looking for introductory key concepts for Datacom/DB Datadictionary? Check out this new web-based training from Mainframe Education. Datacom™/DB: Datadictionary Key Concepts 200 - (Course code: 06DCM20100 ) This Course Will Show You How ...

  • Posted in: Datacom

    Datacom CADRE Community members, Please go take a look at this new Idea on the Datacom Ideas board: DAR: Expand the DIR_DATASET (DRZ) to include DSORG If you feel this Idea has value and would like this Idea to be implemented, please ...