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Enhancement Request: AUTO_JOB_NAME USAGE

Question asked by mndot on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by Chandru.Venkataraman

In r11.3.5, AUTO_JOB_NAME does not get translated in all the attributes.  For instance, if AUTO_JOB_NAME is used in attribute notification_msg it does not get translated.  So, if you copy a job you still must correct the notification_msg attribute if you use either AUTO_JOB_NAME or AUTONUM.  Request that AUTO_JOB_NAME and AUTONUM be translatable at least in common job attributes where they might be used..


Example of non-translation:

Email Subject:

   Job %AUTO_JOB_NAME% has failed in SND. Please look into this.




JIL notification_msg:

   "Job %AUTO_JOB_NAME% has failed in SND.  Please look into this."