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Is there a way to make a blog series?

Question asked by Stefana_Muller on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by Melanie_Giuliani

Hi all - I've been publishing a series of blogs for the 12-days of DevTest and one pain point in the process is every day, when a new blog is posted, i have to edit the footer that I manually created to update the links to the full series of blogs.


For example: today, I updated all the blogs to now link to day Eleven (see below).  Does anyone know of an easy way to link to a series of blogs within your existing blog? Is there a widget or something?





TThe 12 Days of DevTest Blog SeriesT

Twelve (12/12)

ELEVEN Selenium UI Test Scripts

TEN JSON assertions and filters

NINE API tests running

EIGHT Transactions Documented

SEVEN well calibrated agents

SIX Agents, protocols, categories intercepted

FIVE Generated assets

FOUR Opaque data types processed

THREE new execution modes

TWO RR pairs added

and A Server-Side Recorder in a DevTest tree!"