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Sizing question - how high can you go ?

Question asked by dave.richards on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by dave.richards

Just a general question to the community, how high can a single collector go in terms of number of agents and metrics ?


In the sizing guidelines CA say there is "no known maximum load that is built into the Enterprise Manager software"

With that in mind we were wondering what sizings can be realistaically achieved.

Does anyone want to share examples of their largest numbers and the spec that the collector hardware is running on ?


At our location, our largest collector under full load has -


Version - APM 9.5.2

850K metrics

501 agents


Linux version 2.6.18-371.8.1.el5

Manufacturer: HP

Product Name: ProLiant DL380p Gen8

32 available processors

Storage is SAN.