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Historical Transaction Tracing!!

Question asked by sujatas on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by sujatas

Hi There ,


I need to capture Transaction trace with more than one filter i.e  when a perticular URL matches + exceeds a threshold value. It does not work using PersistentTransactionTracerConfiguration.xml.


I asked this question in PersistentTransactionTracerConfiguration.xml thread but no one answered and then I went back to CA support (request no - 00016845) and they came back saying.


PersistentTransactionTracer.xml is not officially supported in APM. Please review the following tech doc.


My question - in UI , the TT for live data working perfectly fine  with more than one filter (url + threshold time)  and but how to achive that in historical TT?? Using Alert + a CWL command as action that triggers a TT is not going to help here as the CLW command can be configured to start a TT with one filter only( either when threshold exceeds or url matches but not with both  -  correct me if i am wrong) Can anyone respond what API the UI calls when starts a new transaction trace please ??? and how multiple filters are passed to the TT API ??