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Best Practices for Putting Non-Labor Resources and Costs on the WBS

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by navzjoshi00

Hi all.

  We're taking baby steps towards financials. I have a group with a business problem to solve to forecast non-labor costs on projects to be billed back. The PMs are comfortable adding labor resources to their WBS and ETCs - it is a simple leap to get them to non-labor resources and costs. I don't see this group financially enabling projects & creating and managing cost plans, etc. Non-labor costs on the WBS is probably good enough for me to provide the billing team the visibility they need without being too big a change for our organization.



  I'd like for us to implement this in a way that, in the future, when we do mature into creating cost plans the work we've done easily flows into the cost plans. I have some documents on putting costs on the WBS in v12.x, but I'm unsure if the new in 13.2 Cost Type functionality changes anything.

   - Are there any best practices for placing non-labor resources on the WBS in 13.2 & later?

   - Is anyone else tracking billable/charge back costs on their WBSes? If so, how?

   - We charge back at the close of the project. Is it as simple as creating a task with a fixed ID in the template (eg 'chargeback_expense') and set it's Cost Type to 'Capital'?

   - I imagine in a future state of tracking all costs, not all Capital costs are billable/charge back. Is anyone else tracking billable and non-billable expenses? If so, how?