Survey: How do we enrich alarms?

Discussion created by Jim.Perkins Employee on Jun 9, 2015
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As part of the improvements we are making to the UIM event handler, I want to reach out to the community and survey how we enrich alarms.  When I ask about enriching an alarm, I am asking how you commonly modify an incoming alarm with data from other sources.


What I would like are specifics on your common use cases.  For example, I've detailed one of the possible use case below.  Please respond with your use case in similar detail.


This is your opportunity to influence the capabilities of the product as it is being developed.  So, please, provide as many unique use cases as you can think of.


Use Case:

My company is a managed service provider (MSP).  As an MSP, we have many thousands of devices that are used by multiple tenant customers.  When we receive an alarm from a device, I need to query a CSV file that lists the devices by customer, and add the customer name as a property of the alarm.  This way, I can search the alarms by customer name to know which alarms pertain to each customer.


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