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Freedom/RESTful API for CA 2E and CA Plex

Question asked by Darryl_Millington on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2015 by George Jeffcock

G'day All,


At the conference last week I demonstrated a tool that I had developed more than 15 years ago to design and generate RESTful API's from CA 2E. That product was withdrawn from our portfolio of Freedom products due to a lack of interest back then and since returning back home from the conference I have started work on getting that product back into our portfolio.


I am hoping to have an early release of the Freedom/RESTful API for CA 2E packaged and released within the next four weeks for early adopters.


The next step is to migrate the template CA 2E data model for Freedom/RESTful API across into CA Plex so that CA Plex can design and generate RESTful API's out of CA Plex using the RPGIV generator. I'm not too sure how long this will take - but I will be using the Freedom/Plex migration tool to automate the re-platform into CA Plex which is fully automated from the backend. So - should only take a couple of weeks to migrate and then three or four weeks to package for deployment.


After that I will be converting the RPGIV variant into .Net and Java variants to support all the platforms that CA Plex can run on.


If you are interested in being and early adopter, then please send me an email to or continue to watch our website at .




Darryl Millington

HawkBridge Pty Ltd (Australia)