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HTTP Plugin XML schema parser values

Question asked by jchavez2.2 on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Guenter_Grossberger

I am trying to use the example code from CEM HTTP Plugin Development Guide, because we need to get the user and password fields from a schema.


The example is very similar to what the customer needs but it shows an error when I try to create the JAR file.


The error appears in the line:

public class CemJavaPlugin implements CemPluginApi {


The output is:


c:\ error: CemJavaPlugin is not abstract and does not overr

ide abstract method terminate() in CemPluginApi

public class CemJavaPlugin implements CemPluginApi {


1 error



The main goal is to get the element name as parameter, example UserName and Password element name as Parameters in CEM.


This is the schema:


<xs:schema id="ParamData" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:msdata="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:x


<xs:element name="ParamData" msdata:IsDataSet="true" msdata:Locale="es-AR">


<xs:choice maxOccurs="unbounded">

<xs:element name="Param">



<xs:element name="UserName" type="xs:string" msdata:targetNamespace="" minOccurs="0" />

<xs:element name="Password" type="xs:string" msdata:targetNamespace="" minOccurs="0" />







</xs:schema>m:xml-diffgram-v1"><ParamData><Param diffgr:id="Param1" msdata:rowOrder="0" diffgr:hasChanges="inserted"><UserName>EVSUNDT</UserName><Password>SALAD123</Password></Param></ParamData></diffgr:diffgram>



I tried several forms and the problem persist.

Do you have a basic example code (that working) similar to the guide to read an attributes from XML Schema as parameters?