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dtlHier common_name

Question asked by Utku Alp on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Utku Alp

hi all,

I'm using 14.1, for dtlHier there is an attribute "common_name".

Below you can find the definition of attributes of dtlHier

Despite I use an alternative field name for common_name attribute, there is no change. I want to see "zsym_TR" field in tree selection, not the default sym value.

Should that formula work, or do i need also modify hiersel_*.htmpl and hierload_*.htmpl files?


<PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlHier hdr="Category" attr="category" size=30 factory=pcat_in_ss autofill=yes evt="onChange=\\\"emp_change_category_func('cr')\\\"" common_name="zsym_TR" make_required=yes>


hdr = "$args.&{attr}.DISPLAY_NAME" // The text of the header.
        attr        // The name of the attribute.  Required.
        evt = ""    // Event handler string
        factory = $args.FACTORY_&{attr}
        colspan = 1 // The number of columns on the form
        autofill = yes // Do autofill if user tabs out of field
        size = 20   // The width of the input box
        make_required="no"  //not for general use.Makes a field REQUIRED on the form regardless of whether it is REQUIRED in the object/database layer.
        common_name = ""  // Internal use. Substitute common_name.  Set as ss_sym for category in employee and customer interfaces.