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Sorting data over LREL

Question asked by cdtj Champion on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by TMACUL

Hello team,

I have two factories (tableA, tableB) linked over LREL (which is stored in tableAB) and I'm looking a way to perform sorting tableAB by tableB.sequence attribute,

sorting should work in SPEL too, that's the reason why I'm peeking so deep instead of using list sorting parameters in web forms.


Looking for the same structure OOTB tables I have found Group Member table (grpmem) where sorting defined as:


            SORT_BY "member=member.last_name";



But when I'm defining same condition, system crashing with FATAL error:

6583 Unable to resolve dotted reference tableB.sequence in factory tableAB: top_ob is undefined.


Seems that table should be defined in top object or I should publish sorting as domset, any ideas on this?