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ETC Hours decrement, Actual Hours disappear when entering from MS Project

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on May 2, 2016
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Inserting Labor Actuals without doing a timesheet?

RE: Entering Actuals via OWB for None Track Mode resources


CA PPM v14.2, on-prem, Oracle


Found a couple threads on topic, ranging from 2010 through 2013.  Wondering if there is more current information, solutions, workarounds.


Trying to use CA PPM on an Agile Scrum project (we don't have an Agile tool, yet).  Scrum manager wants


  • To look at Task Assignments, see
    • Actuals
    • Pending actuals
    • ETC
    • Proposed ETC
  • From
    • CA PPM timesheet users
    • Resources that don't use/don't have access to CA PPM
    • Including labor and non-labor resources
  • With
    • ability to edit ETC and Proposed ETC in daily scrum meetings
    • ability to compare task actual hours to baseline hours to improve team's forecasting abilities


Currently, importing Actuals from MSP results in the following:

  • Actual Hours are used to decrement ETC
  • Actual Hours are then tossed, not stored in CA PPM
  • Therefore, comparison of actual vs. baseline is meaningless


Anything new on this subject?