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Jaspersoft & Data Warehouse activities after rolling back Production OLTP database to Dev & Test

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on May 9, 2016
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Hi all. I'm learning new skills today...

We've rolled back our Production transactional database back to our Development environment. I've completed all activities in my old (13.2) rollback procedure. Now it's time for the new stuff.


1) I can't get this to work (14.3 on windows).

- I've successfully generated they new keystore file and properties by executing Admin Jaspersoft generate and copied them to the Jasper Server's <Tomcat>/webapps/reportservice/WEB-INF/config

- I've not had success with Admin content-jaspersoft command. If one simply copies & runs the command as written I get a 'The system cannot find the file specified' error (note: the command as documented is not calling the -fileName switch). Add to this that the command, as documented, doesn't appear to be syntactically correct.



Shouldn't it be something more like Admin content-jaspersoft csk upgrade –userName superuser -password superuser -retryCount 50 -force force

This gives me a username and password are empty error which I disagree with (don't tell anyone I kept the default values from the install )



So this has me stumped.


My second question is from what Nika_Hadzhikidi references here:

"Backup is also needed when you refresh another environment with PPM and DWH, as we recommend refreshing both, however for this purpose you may schedule a separate backup and that's not something that is done on a frequent basis."


Why do I need to roll back my Data Warehouse database to my Dev & Test environments? The Data Warehouse is disposable - we're running a full rebuild every night. I'd actually prefer that first full load just rebuild it from the newly rolled back OLTP database.