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Discovery of imported devices

Question asked by alexei.matveev on May 23, 2016
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I have a question on initial discovery of SNMP devices that were added to the inventory using XML import

facilities of USM on the frontend side and cm_data_import on the server side. In short, what is the procedure

of populating the OS info, description, and system name using this route? These fields are populated when

one runs the "Discovery Wizard" for say a single IP instead.

I imported SNMP Profiles with XML as a first step and a list of devices with only basic info such as the

"PrimaryIPV4Address", a "Label", a "UserAlias" and a reference to the corresponding "SnmpProfileUUID".

I've set the origin to the hub name where snmpcollector is running too in the XML file. I assumed (or hoped)

that the detailed discovery will fill in the rest so that for example grouping devices by OS type would be



Even after these imported devices were further imported as snmpcollector profiles probe and that probe

showed some OS details in the web AC configuration GUI the USM does not present this info.

The only fields that are shown on the device details tab of the USM that were not already specified in the XML

import file are the MAC address, the system model, and the vendor.


Only if I run the discovery for say single IP address with the "Discovery Wizard" the details tab appears

to become complete. It would be very tedious to repeat this procedure for several hundreds devices

scattered over many subnets.


One more thing that may be important. The primary hub running cm_data_import probe is not whitelisted

on the SNMP devices, only the "remote hub" running the snmpcollector (and a second discovery_agent) is.

I had to use the specific discovery_agent on the "remote hub" to run the "Discovery Wizard" for one example



All the docs that I've seem describe the use of  "Discovery Wizard" in detail but only briefly, if at all,

mention the XML import alternative.