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CA Single Sign On as a Service Provider

Question asked by Vipul Kaneriya on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by Kelly Wong

I want to know how to configure CA SSO to act as a SP. Currently we are using CA SSO only for IDP and sending SAML response to SP site (3rd Party) after verifying user at our end. Now we have a resource at our network that we want to expose to 3rd party. Our vendor will send us SAML response (May be from CA SSO or other SSO vendor) after authenticating user from their LDAP user stores and we are supposed to consume that SAML response and provide access to site located at our network.

I want to add one more thing that we don’t have any user details of 3rd party and even we don’t want it. If user is authenticated from IDP site and SAML is posted to our SP site, we just want to consume that SAML with our CA SSO and if SAML is verified then redirect user to resource site hosted at our SP network.