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help with silent install EULA file

Question asked by Miki_Tracey on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by FrancisLee

I'm trying to get CA Introscope Workstation to install using the silent install but i'm stuck.  No matter what I do, i consistently get this message:  


... eula.txt is not a valid End User License Agreement.
Edit the responsefile so that the eulaFile property refers to a valid End User License Agreement whose terms have been accepted, then rerun the silent installer.


I noticed that there was no eula.txt file in the package when i encountered this document: 

Launch the Installer - CA Application Performance Management - 9.7 - CA Technologies Documentation 

However upon further searching i found the following links:

New ASM, Exec Insight, APM KBs for June 2015 

Responsefile EULA error on silent install 


So according to the second link, i copy lgpl.txt to the install directory and rename to eula.txt.

Then I add a line at the end as per the original instructions that says LGPL=accept.  


I still get this error. 


I also tried renaming ca-eula.txt to eula.txt and changing the last line to LGPL=accept, just in case.  


Does anybody have a valid EULA file?  I compared lgpl.txt to ca-eula.txt and they are VERY DIFFERENT.  Even down to formatting.  lgpl.txt is all clear text with nothing commented out.  ca-eula.txt has nearly every line commented out except for CA-EULA=accept.


I don't exactly understand what the executable is looking for in eula.txt that it isn't finding and my only real comparison is the ca-eula file.