CA PPM - Jump in on this weeks - Ask a Question, Get an Answer - (October 14 - October 21)!

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Oct 18, 2016

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Thank you to the community members who have jumped in to help out their fellow community members for this week's 'Ask a Question, Get an Answer'!

We have QUITE A FEW remaining questions without a response. Check out the below and if you think you have a suggestion that could help, jump in with a reply!

Export JasperSoft into Excel 

FLSA Overtime Conversion Pkg 

IBM urbancode monitoring on introscope 

Query to find View which is being used in Functions or Stored Procedures 

How to remove collaboration managers via XOG 

Carry Forward Projects 

Rest API's for Lookups 

Jasper Conditional Formatting using icons 

Two notification during Resource requisition - create and open 

Working on a type of porfolio "Earned v. Burned".  Need total Allocated on active projects. 

Jaspersoft Report in Clarity

Any help really appreciated! Grab one and take a stab!

Thank you all in advance!


Check out this post for more information

CA PPM - Ask a Question, Get an Answer (October 14 - October 21)