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CA Schema Publishing Error

Question asked by ArunavaS on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by TMACUL

Hello Guys,


I was trying to add   a new column in one of our Z_Table as  (delete_flag    SREL -> actbool.enum). The publishing was successful. when I did bop_sinfo -fa ZTable, I can see the proper reference of the newly added field. So I guess it properly published in object layer. However when I do a pdm_extract, I don't see the new field appeared in the extract output. Then I checked in our ddict.sch and see there no reference exists for the new field. Though I see the field exists in wsp_schema file and in wsp.mods file. Even when I run simple SQL on database I can see the field. So what I assume though it published in object layer it have not published in database layer somehow. Am I correct on this assumption? And most important, what could be the solution for this? I have no idea to deal with such partially published item as I always got successful publish message.

We are using r14.1 with Advanced Availability mode with latest cumm#2 applied.

Please advice.