Source Control / Deployment - CVS, SVN, PVCS, other

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What is your source control and deployment management for APM artifacts?



There is more than a handful of files that are modified or customized within Application Performance Management installation, use, and administration.

To name a few:

   EM - Configuration




      WebView/Introscope.lax files

      Management Modules

      custom email shell script

   EM - Java Script Calculators

   EP Agent (variant depending on host/OS)



      start/stop scripts

   Application Agent (java)




Database (postgresql)



With each of these artifacts, there, hopefully, should be a deployment plan along with some sort of test/verification plan to get the changes through some sort of software life cycle within multiple environments (test, pre-production, production).


Currently we have the majority of our artifacts on a network directory with no check-in / check-out control.  Our deployments are manual and custom per server.


Certainly, you could take that the APM, monitoring as not being a production impact and an acceptable loss if APM were to shutdown for some reason.  But if you did, once in the past, deploy a pbd that caused issues on the production environment, the first questions usually are, was the changes tested, what is your roll-back plan, how long will production have to be down, what changed?


So, what is your APM source control and deployment plans?