Transition from CA eHealth to CA PM?

Discussion created by Frank_Elliger Champion on Jan 30, 2017
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Currently we can read a lot about a change from eHealth to PM.

I want start a discussion about this from the customer’s perspective.

Not all customers use eHealth in the same way. Some of them can certainly switch already today to PM. Some others miss some necessary functions.

I am one of them.

When using eHealth, our focus is on generating and storing reports and also on the threshold monitoring with LiveHealth.

The focus of PM seems clearly more on life reporting.

Another difference is the adminstration. OneClick for eHealth is a tool for good and effective administration. Not perfect, but really good. (On the other side: There are other GUIs especially for report generating and LiveHealth.)

And PM (or PC)? There is one GUI (not 3 or more). But, the impression is: You can do something here and something there and only a few things effective. And if you ask “How can I do this or that?” the answer is very often “You can do it with REST API”.

Many users and administrators are no programmers. For most of them “REST API” is a foreign word.

We can read (e.g.) “Top 5 Reasons To Transition from CA eHealth to CA Performance Management” (linked: Top 5 Reasons To Transition from CA eHealth to CA Performance Management)

I’ve commented a former version with this:

Here are my  Top 5 ideas which should be delivered before I can do the Transition from eHealth to CA PM:

Automatic report generation without E-mail by CAPC

Save scheduled pdf/csv reports on CAPC server and choose a target directory

Micro Bursting

Scriptbased Alarmforwarding

Need both stacked and not stacked vertical bar Graphs in CAPM

Redesign "Manage Email Schedules" in CAPM

(I know, these are 6 and not  5, but the first 2 are similar.)


Other opinions or suggestions?