New CA PPM Health Report in, 15.2 or higher

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Did you know?

CA PPM or higher (including the new 15.2 release) includes a new health report that shows system configuration status for the application, database, data warehouse, and report server.


Available in 15.2 and with the patch, this report appears as an application page with five tabs. The health report is also available as an XLS spreadsheet you can view in Microsoft Excel.


The report also detects any non-compliant governor settings (maximum data limits).


  • To run the Health Report, verify that you have the Administration - Access and Administration - Application Setup global access rights.
  • To run the tomcat access log import/analyze job, verify that you have the Jobs - Access right. Also verify that you have the following instance level job definition access right: Job - Run on Tomcat access log import/analyze.

System health including the application servers, database, and data warehouse is important. As an administrator, application support engineer, or help desk technician, you want to maintain operations and minimize downtime. Before contacting other support professionals or engaging with the online community, follow these steps to get a quick assessment of system health.

  1. Log in to CA PPM with administrative access rights.
  2. Click the Administration menu. Under Security and Diagnostics, select Health Report.
  3. Select one of the following tabs:
    Summary: This tab lists the health status and completion percentage for the application, database, and data warehouse. 
    Application: This tab shows application server details. Settings include file locations, URLs, Java version, JVM, LDAP, SSO, SSL, ports, and instance-specific configurations for CSA, background (bg), and beacon services.
    Database: This tab provides information about database connectivity, table spaces, database options, and server parameters.
    Data Warehouse: This tab provides information about data warehouse connectivity, table spaces, data warehouse options, and server parameters. Settings include JDBC URL, database timezone mismatch, database size, and ETL (Load Data Warehouse) job timeout. This tab also includes setup information for time slices and other application settings for the data warehouse.
    Reporting: This tab identifies the health status of the Jaspersoft report server.
  4. If available, the Recommended column provides the suggested values to achieve compliance and improve system health. If no exact value is recommended, the field remains empty.
  5. Hover your mouse over the Status icon to view a recommendation to fix the listed item.
  6. To export the complete health report to Excel, click the Download Health Report button on the Summary tab. Open the file to view the HealthReport.xls file.


Note: To learn more about the health report, see CA PPM System Health Report - CA PPM - 15.1 - CA Technologies Documentation.