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Survey statistics by date periods

Question asked by AdminMC on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by blav

Hi to all


we are starting with surveys. In other question finally we found (thans to responses of you) the way to make question responses horizontally.

Now we have the main survey ready to start. And now, we are looking for a way to have statistics of the survey.

We have found information in technical reference, and we know that there's a table (survey_stats) where remains the number of tiquets "evaluated" and the number of surveys sent for every survey. Then, why about dates of all this information.


The other tables about surveys only take data when a user answerd his survey. For example, if you have sent a survey to a user, there's no registered anywhere. When the user access to respond, then his response is registered at many tables: survey_question, survey_answer and survey. But if the user doesn't respond, you loose this information.


I need to know:

How many surveys has sent CASDM every month? And how many of them have been answered by users?


If anyone have a little idea, it would be so helpfully

Thanks to all