Hints to create Experience Views

Discussion created by LutzM Champion on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by Hiko_Davis

Hi all folks,

we start using the APM Team Center (with APM 10.5.1) and I don't know the best way to add some new Experience View boxes .


As long as I try to add an existing ressource/node to a new Experience box, everything works well.

But, for example, I try to map each defined Domains (from the domains.xml file) to an Experience box, I can't. My problem is, some Domain entries are not available in the  "agentDomain" list. Only the Domains with assigned agents are available.


This is my problem in general, I can define Experience boxes for resources only, as long this resources are available.


Any Idea or suggestion how to use the Experience View boxes in the right way.




Something like this

curl -s 0 -k -H 'Authorization:Bearer 66250135-d4c6-40f0-b5a4-2238b1912f9f' \

'http://theemhost.local:8081/apm/appmap/theresourceorobject' | jq '.[]'

works well to get some information from the Team Center, but how to put/create/update attributes or how to create an Experience View box.