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CA Service Management Mobile App - Error Authenticating to CA Service Catalog

Question asked by kleco02 Employee on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 28, 2017 by TMACUL

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CA Service Management r14.1 (SDM, ITAM, CATALOG and CA USS) all on their own servers.
USS (Catalog + Service Desk Data Sources enabled including CA SDM REST URL for Mobile APP)
CA Service Management App 3.1.10

Followed the steps outlined in the document:

So all three URL's for CA SDM, CA Service Catalog and CA SDM REST can be access from my mobile phone. Note that all three URL's are configured with the same FQDN.


When I configure the Mobile app to point to the CA USS environment "https://<USS_HostName>:<USS_Port>" I get the following error: Alert - Login to (CA Catalog) Failed to contact the server. Please contact your administrator.
If I log on to CA USS through the browser on my PC I get asked to log into the USS app and then a few seconds later It asked me to log into CA Service Catalog as well. I can only guess this is the reason why I'm seeing the error on the mobile app? Why would USS ask for the second logon to Catalog?

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Cornel Kleynhans