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Oracle EBS 12.2 Agent Installation

Question asked by saipa02 Employee on Jun 1, 2017
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Dear All,


I am trying to install agent at one of our customer site. They have oracle EBS application on weblogic. The OS they are using for the same is Linux. I tries to install agent using scripts like and But it didn't started the agent with application restart. Then I searched some communities discussion for the same where i found to put argument in the opnm.xml file. But the application administrator said that this file was used by EBS 12.1 and lower versions. Then we tried to install agent from weblogic console. I put the agent argument at java argument under start server tab. We could able to see that agent got started with the application but the application stopped working. Customer was not able to access the application. can anyone suggeest if we support to oracle EBS 12.2 and we can instrument the application completely as we do for other java applications on weblogic and other application servers ?





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